Wednesday, December 24, 2008

they keep calling me...

(Joy Division live at Prince Of Wales YMCA, London UK 2 Aug 1979, photo by Jill Furmanowsky)

If you're a Joy Division fan, and you purchased 2007's reissued 2xCD packages, you would have seen in STILL's liner notes a blurb about "Ice Age" being at the wrong pitch/speed (it's too fast making Ian Curtis sound like a chipmunk), and had been so since its initial release in 1981.

Here's my returning-the-favor:

Ice Age at proper concert pitch, as it should have been.

(pitch-corrected, from the 1981 Factory LP FACT40 STILL, reissued in 2007 by Rhino)

And a bonus!

"Colony" from Closer, and "Dead Souls" from STILL (and 1988's Substance collection) also are not at proper pitch/speed. Whether this was intended as such by the band and legendary producer Martin Hannett, or not caught at the mastering session and is an error, it's interesting to hear them at proper "concert" pitch (matched up with live performances and properly tuned guitars).

I'm suspecting they should have been at this corrected pitch/speed all along, it's likely they were futzed-with in studio to help Ian sing in a more natural key for him during their respective recording sessions ("Dead Souls" at Cargo Studios 10/79 with "Atmosphere" and "Ice Age"; and "Colony" at Brittania Row, 3/80 for the Closer sessions), but weren't brought back to proper speed/pitch at mastering time.

(pitch-corrected, from the classic 1980 Factory LP FACT25 Closer, reissued in 2007 by Rhino)

-- and --

(pitch-corrected, from the 1981 Factory LP FACT40 STILL, reissued in 2007 by Rhino)


  1. The Analog Loyalist had a hand in discovering this in the first place! o/~ (pulling out mandolin or banderias) "I think...I thought...I've saaaaiiidddd tooo much...that was just a dream, just a dream...dream..."

  2. Thanks - Dead Souls played at the Apollo is such a powerful song, but the studio version did indeed sound somehow neutered. Big improvement! Seems Hannett was not the perfect God after all...well only 99.5%

  3. Great blog! Just wondering if you have a digital audio file of the live version of "24 Hours" which is on the vinyl version of Still, but not on the CD (even the reissue!)? It has always bugged me that it is missing. I have the vinyl but no way to get it on the PC.

  4. I'm rather late to the party; I just discovered your Smiths and New Order blogs. Wonderful stuff! Thank you for sharing this priceless material.

    FYI, the Rapidshare link for Colony is dead - any chance for a re-up?

  5. You shall find what you seek in the JD Recycle Sampler on this very blog ;)

  6. Aha! You're my new favorite person on the internet. Thank you so much!

  7. d theselinks still work or is it jus me?