Friday, January 9, 2009

variations on a theme: Martin Hannett part I

You knew it had to come, the PIT's tribute to Martin Hannett. Legendary producer. Oddball but genius. So strange that Factory Records founder Tony Wilson (Anthony H in his later years) stated Hannett's character in Factory biopic 24 Hour Party People was the strangest role Andy Serkis ever played, not Gollum.

I can't even begin to touch on the impact Hannett had on music I love to this day - and the impact he had on producers to this day as well. Genius behind the legendary Joy Division sound. The man who pushed modern technology to the forefront, meeting digital delay technology inventors on remote Pennine mountaintops at the asscrack of midnight to help them design what he heard in his head. The result? Joy Division's "Digital", so named for the digital delay effect he was so instrumental in using (and creating!).

There's two ways to tributize Mr Hannett here.

One way would be to do what I've done so far, post random songs by random acts.

The other way would be to post one of the various tribute albums that have been compiled to honor Martin since his untimely death in 1991.

I propose to blend both.

First, the tribute album Martin, released by Factory in 1991 to honor his indelible contribution to the music world.

Then, a couple random tracks not included on Martin that I feel were either criminally left off, or just cool tunes that he worked on, or just other random Hannett bits that I come across.

So watch this space. I wanted to pop an entry in here so as to not make you forget I've forgotten the blog already (life intrudes), I do plan to have something up shortly.

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