Thursday, April 2, 2009

the good part II: WILCO More Like The Moon

I referred yesterday to Wilco's MORE LIKE THE MOON EP, which was (and still is) freely downloadable from the band's website - as 192kbps MP3's. As far as I know, the only non-lossy source for these 6 tracks was a bonus "tour edition" CD that was included in some copies of the Australian CD release of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. It has also been referred to, by the band and others, as the Australian EP and the Bridge EP.

I have that disc, and here are the six EP tracks, lossless for your pleasure. You can download each of the three different covers (for the three different titles for the EP - Australian, Bridge or More Like The Moon) the band has up on the website.

Since they're freely available on the band's website, there should be no issue putting lossless versions here for you.

So onward....

01 Camera
02 Handshake Drugs
03 Woodgrain
04 A Magazine Called Sunset
05 Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
06 More Like The Moon

Part I
Part II
(need to grab both files to extract, RAR files as usual)

These are losslessly compressed using the FLAC format - conversion software (for WAV/AIFF/mp3 etc) can be found at (grab the FLAC frontend). Alternatively, you can just download mp3s from the band directly, but why not get it lossless from your humble blogger instead?

Tracks 1 and 4 are identical to tracks 6 and 32, respectively, in the YHF SuperDeluxe package in the preceding post - except they're glitch-free for starters. Oddly the "Camera" track on the EP has the same tape spinup sound as found on the Engineer Reference leak. Conspiracy theorists may say that when the band went to compile this EP, they pulled a copy of the Engineer Reference material to choose from (amongst other sources), and a copy of said material escaped the band's grasp at this point (hence 2 of these tracks appearing in identical form on the subsequently-leaked Engineer Reference material).

Nobody has determined, to the best of your humble blogger's knowledge, the provenance of the rest of the tracks. Were they leftovers from the YHF sessions? Were they recorded after Jay Bennett's firing, and therefore the first recorded output of the new 4-piece Wilco? The band stated in interviews post-YHF that they spent time in the studio working on a project they referred to as "Decibels Per Minute" (dBpm) but we don't know what happened to all that material - some of it may be some of these EP tracks, some might be material that was later included as a companion CD to a book the band put out, some might have been left by the wayside. Who knows.

But most consider this EP material as part-and-parcel of the YHF era, hence me blogging it now. Enjoy!


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  2. It would be most appreciated if this wonderful EP could be reposted. It is nearly impossible to find right now! Thanks

  3. part 1 is not available. could you please repost it?