Sunday, May 31, 2009

R.E.M. 9 July 1983 Larry's Hideaway, Toronto mp3

It's funny, one of my all-time favorite acts is R.E.M. yet I've done nowt but post one track of theirs, in the second-ever post on this here blog. And it's been removed.

Last year saw their classic debut LP Murmur reissued/repackaged/remastered, as a deluxe 2 CD package with the second CD featuring their 9 July 1983 gig at Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Ontario. While a good gig, the released variant was missing several tracks and was a Loudness War victim - though not as bad as it could have been.

Funnily enough, this gig existed as a bootleg CD entitled RISING that has as good, if not better, overall sound than the released variant. However, this version was glitchy in places, with skips and dropouts that the "official" variant did not suffer from. So, as a challenge, I used bits and bobs of each source together to make the definitive Larry's Hideaway CD - and I think you'll love it. You'll never spot the patches - I guarantee it. Listen through entirely and you'll never, ever know this is a composite production, and you'll never, ever realize that I patched at least a dozen fairly significant glitches. Now if only Capitol (I.R.S.) would release this - I'd be glad to give 'em my 32-bit work project ;)

So without further ado, please enjoy!

9 July 1983
Larry's Hideaway
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Reassembled and Remastered from two sources:
1) Rising bootleg silver CD
2) 2nd CD in Murmur Deluxe Edition

01 Wolves, Lower
02 Moral Kiosk
03 Laughing
04 Pilgrimage
05 Moon River
06 There She Goes Again
07 Seven Chinese Brothers
08 Talk About The Passion
09 Sitting Still
10 Harborcoat
11 Catapult
12 Pretty Persuasion
13 Gardening At Night
14 9-9
15 Just A Touch
16 West Of The Fields
17 Radio Free Europe
18 We Walk
19 1,000,000
20 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Tracks 1/2/5/12 were not included on the "official" version.

IMHO this version stomps all over the released version, kicks it to the curb, and plants a flag on it. It's that good. Just drop a comment if you want this lossless....

(edit: Lossless version posted today - grab it!)

Part I
Part II
(need to grab both parts, as usual)


  1. Lossless, yes, this looks like quite a jewel...

  2. Just stumbled across this... Would love to hear this in lossless, too!

  3. This is a huge help for those seeking the complete show. Thanks a lot! Fantastic work.

  4. :( any chance of reposting?

    love your work, especially the new order.



  5. i would love to download the mp3s. it looks as though mediafire has removed the original links