Monday, May 25, 2009

RIP Jay Bennett (Wilco): 11/15/1963 - 5/24/2009

So I just heard the news that Jay Bennett, ex-Wilco, died in his sleep over the weekend.

I had the pleasure of seeing Jay perform quite a few times with Wilco (and once at an instore as a solo gig after being booted from the band), and got the chance to chat with him a few times as well. One of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to meet in the industry.

I even saw his last gig with Wilco, on the 4th of July at Grant Park, Chicago in 2001 - and briefly chatted with him as well after that gig. Little did anyone know what was to come.

Oddly enough, even before this weekend, I haven't been able to stop listening to another Bennett-related gig (which I'm posting) - a fantastic soundboard recording of Jay and Jeff Tweedy performing at the Old Town School Of Folk Music Festival in July 1999, the first Wilco-related gig I saw (with my friend Brad).

It's sad listening regardless - these two obviously shared a close bond at one point (and Jay's contributions to this gig are amazing - just listen to his piano and background vocals on "Via Chicago") - and doubly sad with the news of the hour.

So in memoriam... on Memorial Day in the US...

Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennett
July 25, 1999
Old Town School Of Folk Music Festival, Chicago, IL

01 intro
02 James Alley Blues
03 She's A Jar
04 New Madrid
05 Blood Of The Lamb
06 Down In The Willow Garden
07 The Auld Triangle
08 Another Man's Done Gone
09 Hesitating Beauty
10 Via Chicago
11 Sugar Baby
12 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
13 Forget The Flowers
14 I'm Always In Love
15 The Lonely 1
16 Summerteeth
17 Pecan Pie
18 True Love Will Find You In The End
19 Casino Queen
20 California Stars
21 Hoodoo Voodoo

part I
part II

- - - - -

Some video from other gigs/sources...

"Cars Can't Escape"
"Another Man's Done Gone"

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  1. Very sad end to the life of a genius musical mind. I only got to see Jay w Wilco on the first date of the tour they did to back "Being there" , at the Howling Wolf in New Orleans, and i remember being in awe of this dude in dreads and glasses. Thanks for all the material you provide (which i am downloading as we speak) - the YFH demos and this Folk Music Festival show.

    RIP, Jay

    - Juan Duque