Sunday, June 21, 2009

R.E.M. 9 July 1983 Larry's Hideaway - lossless

Nothing "new" this week as people are still enjoying the recent New Order / Joy Division materials and I don't want to overload the teeming millions with legendary, quality stuff (not to say I have anything further of the sort)...

But as promised, here's the complete, remastered R.E.M. 9 July 1983 gig originally discussed here on this very same blog (but as mp3), as lossless FLAC this time.

Are you listening, R.E.M./Athens LLC (and Capitol/EMI)? You can swap out CD2 from the Murmur reissue with this and make everyone happy!

And pigs will fly.


9 July 1983
Larry's Hideaway
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Reassembled and Remastered from two sources:
1) Rising bootleg silver CD
2) 2nd CD in Murmur Deluxe Edition

Includes songs not broadcast on Toronto radio, and not included on the Murmurs reissue!

01 Wolves, Lower
02 Moral Kiosk
03 Laughing
04 Pilgrimage
05 Moon River
06 There She Goes Again
07 Seven Chinese Brothers
08 Talk About The Passion
09 Sitting Still
10 Harborcoat
11 Catapult
12 Pretty Persuasion
13 Gardening At Night
14 9-9
15 Just A Touch
16 West Of The Fields
17 Radio Free Europe
18 We Walk
19 1,000,000
20 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Tracks 1/2/5/12 were not included on the "official" version.

Grab all 5 parts - it's a must!

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

And Track 17 by itself - if you get a message that Track 17 in the above RAR files is corrupt, download this. Should verify just fine with the .md5 signature included in the RAR files....


  1. Thanks a lot for this! Unfortunately, track 17 is corrupt. :( Could you post a replacement, please?

  2. Try redownloading parts IV and V. I just extracted all the same RAR files I uploaded and all the FLACs verify just peachy, both via extracting-to-WAV and the md5 sums.

    Your download could have just blipped or something.

  3. OK so track 17 - as I just downloaded the fileset myself - is indeed corrupt.

    Damn Mediafire.

    I'm uploading a replacement for Track 17 only - watch this space.

  4. Great Post - Much thanks.

    Although I'm still having problems extracting track 17. Although I'm probably using the wrong expansion program and cant change/reattach the MD5 file.

    Anyone have any clue's. I'm on a Mac OS10.6

  5. Thats 10.5.

    Got a little ahead of myself there.

  6. Still having problems with track 17. It downloads without a file extension but doesn't appear to be rar or flac (I noticed that it is supposed to be flac). I've dl'd it several times with the same result and expected file size.

    Thanks for this. I've got to say this is so much better than what I paid $20 for in the collector's edition. sigh...

  7. ok, so after downloading everything, i've got all 20 flac files and then a file that ends with ".md5".

    do i need to keep that file or can i delete it?

  8. That signature file is for checking the integrity of the files. If they unzipped correctly then you can delete it.

  9. Hi, for part 1 I get the message: "Error: No servers are currently available with the requested data on them. Please retry your request in a moment. (-101)". But this "moment" lasts for three days now. Can you help?

  10. I wish I could help reupping all this archive material you've posted about issues with. However 3 months ago I suffered a critical hard drive failure and lost nearly everything. So even I don't have these filesets anymore! A lot of time these are Mediafire errors that do resolve themselves with time.

  11. Thanks for your answer. Hard drive failure sounds awful - reminds me that I should buy a second 2T-hard drive as a backup for the backup ;-)

    I'm just thinking and maybe this is a stupid idea (or only greedy?). But what if you make a list of the filesets you lost, post it and ask the people who downloaded the whole stuff to "send a copy back to you"?

  12. FWIW, I downloaded the files last night from Mediafire and they work fine.

  13. Can someone who downloaded this re-up it somewhere?

  14. Please please please please can you re-upload? :)