Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Order: Part 2 of a series, 1985-1989

Last week we gave ourselves a good hit of early New Order, finding the band transitioning from the shadows of Joy Division to electro-indie- rock trendsetters.

This week, Part II of the PoIT's New Order MegaSubstance MegaSpectacular, we become megastars.

Bernard Sumner realized he didn't have to be so dramatic and Peter Hook started getting even more creative and melodic on bass. Steve Morris became the human drum machine and Gillian Gilbert brought even more electro flourishes to the mix.

They also didn't forget their roots as a guitar band.

We start the proceedings with a song that probably should have gone in last week's batch (a stunning "Skullcrusher" live from Barcelona, Spain in July 1984) but for two reasons it's here in this batch: 1) I forgot to put it in last week, and 2) the song did end up seeing release as an instrumental track in 1987.

Many of the following have either never been released officially on CD or have found themselves bastardized in order to fit on existing compilations (hello "The Perfect Kiss" and shouts to "Shellshock"). Other tracks ("Let's Go") have NEVER been heard in this form except on bootleg, and yet others ("The Happy One") exist in snippet-form only.

So onward we proceed from 1985 through 1989, the last year New Order could safely call themselves a true indie band.

NEW ORDER "I'm not grown up and I'm not a boy..." 1985-1989, anthologized

01 Skullcrusher (with lyrics, 7 Jul 1984 Studio 54, Barcelona, Spain)
02 Let's Go (unreleased original 1985 vocal)
03 The Perfect Kiss (12 inch complete version)
04 Love Vigilantes
05 This Time Of Night
06 Sunrise
07 Elegia
08 Sooner Than You Think
09 Shellshock (12 inch complete version)
10 Weirdo
11 As It Is When It Was
12 Broken Promise
13 Way Of Life
14 Bizarre Love Triangle
15 All Day Long
16 Every Little Counts
17 True Faith (The Morning Sun extended remix)
18 1963
19 Paradise (remix) ***** see below!
19 Temptation '87
20 Salvation Theme
21 Touched By The Hand Of God (early version)
22 Sputnik
23 Don't Do It
24 Fine Time
25 All The Way
26 Love Less
27 Guilty Partner
28 Run
29 Vanishing Point
30 Dream Attack
31 Round & Round (7 inch mix)
32 Run² (unreleased instrumental mix)
33 MTO
34 MTO minus mix
35 The Happy One (full version re-assembly)

Four RAR files this time, as usual, you must download each one!

Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

***** I forgot to include 19 Paradise (remix) in the fileset so please grab it here. It should still sort correctly but yes, there will be two Track 19's. I think everyone will be OK with this ;)

(note - if having trouble extracting "Temptation '87", download that track only here .... and if you're having problems with "Guilty Partner" that can be downloaded here.)



  1. Great stuff. Fills in a few cracks in my collection

  2. I'm getting an extraction error on track 19 "Temptation '87." Just me, or are others having this problem? I've downloaded all the parts twice and got the same error both times.

    Thanks so much for these compilations!!!

  3. Appears Part3 corrupted itself while uploading to mediafire. I've re-uploaded it which should fix it for future downloaders, and if you've already grabbed it and having difficulties with track 19, the link for that file only has been added to the main post.

  4. I also forgot to include 19 - Paradise (remix), which I've uploaded separately, see the main post for details/link.

  5. Thanks very much, I am really enjoying these mixes. Great mix of classics and rarities. THANK YOU!!!

  6. Guilty Partner in Part3 is corrupted

  7. OK I've added a link to Guilty Partner itself to the main post. Nothing but problems and difficulties with this set - sounds kinda like New Order!

  8. great work - really enjoyed these two compils

  9. State or Shame of the nation?

    Another great set by the way, thanks for making time.

  10. State/Shame? Neither - both are crap! ;)

  11. The link to part4 is corrupt itself while uploading to mediafire. Thanks so much for these compilations!

  12. The link to part4 is ok now. Thanks!

  13. I dont know, Part 4 still wont transfer?

  14. Guys, appears to be a Mediafire issue. Try again in a while. It should resolve itself.

  15. lol there is no love for John Robie... either way, THANK YOU! These sound much better than on my CDs :) Even the CD-sourced PC&L... Oh, and though this is rather about the Run2 in-house tapes, that post was just great! Thanks, also for that one!

  16. NewOrder_1985-1989.part2.rar - "file doesn't exist "
    Having trouble DL'ing Part II. Any suggestions/fixes?