Monday, September 7, 2009

insight: Joy Division 1979 "unreleased" sessions

Joy Division, over their short duration, had several studio sessions which never really saw the light of day until 1997's box set Heart and Soul, and even then, not entirely.

Your humble blogger's previous Joy Division entry contained several tracks from these sessions, but I decided to do a roundup-style post featuring the majority of these - some are already available on the box set, but others aren't, and at that some of these have never been heard before in this quality you're about to find here.

So allow me to present Joy Division: 1979 Miscellaneous Studio, pulling from three separate recording sessions, presented in lossless FLAC for your pleasure.

JOY DIVISION 1979 Miscellaneous Studio
(mostly unreleased, mostly remastered)

1) 4 March 1979 Eden Studios, London with Martin Rushent (the "Genetic" demo)

Four tracks previously released on Heart and Soul, but presented here slightly repitched and remastered
"Digital" never before released except on bootleg

01 Insight
02 Glass
03 Digital
04 Transmission
05 Ice Age

2) 4 June 1979 Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham (for Piccadilly Radio) with Stuart James

Four tracks previously released on Heart and Soul, but presented here remastered
"Atrocity Exhibition" never before released except on bootleg

01 These Days
02 Candidate
03 The Only Mistake
04 Chance (Atmosphere)
05 Atrocity Exhibition

3) mid-July 1979 Central Sound Studios, Manchester with Martin Hannett (the "1st Transmission session")

Two tracks previously released on Heart and Soul, two other tracks previously unreleased except on bootleg
"Transmission" and "Novelty" from this session never before heard in this quality

All four tracks taken from a previously-unknown source cassette, in "best-ever" versions - this cassette is suspected to be 1st generation mixdowns from the rough mix master

All four tracks presented here remastered

01 Transmission
02 Novelty
03 Dead Souls
04 Something Must Break

Four RAR files, as usual, grab 'em all!

Part I // Part II // Part III // Part IV

EDIT:::::::: PLEASE REDOWNLOAD ALL LINKS.... CONFIRMED 100% THEY WORK (and also re-ordered in correct folders, I repacked and re-organized, you need to grab 'em all)



  1. Sweet! Thanks for this! However, seems to be a problem..."Part III" downloads as a duplicate "Part 2" and houses the .rar unpacking.

  2. Where do you get this amazing stuff!?! You don't have to answer--just keep getting it! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks! One of my most favorite blogs of all time, hands down. Love the gems you post here. Will there be any further New Order installments?

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  5. Reload the post, you'll see a link for "Digital"...

  6. Thanks Analog Loyalist, you rock. However, my problem is that it won't continue to extract rar part 3 because of that file and then won't continue to expand part 4 either. It basically stops the expanding part way through part 3 and won't go any further. I think the only solution is to re-rar part 3 with that fixed digital.flac

    Anyway, I REALLY appreciate you upping these files, as they were the only files I still don't a have pristine recordings of.

  7. part 2 says it is corrupt in winrar
    so does part 3

    And thanks for all the great stuff.

  8. Thanks once again for great stuff - sorry to say that theres still aproblem with 3 which seems to prevent4 from opening - same thing as with cosmas above. keep em comin' cheers

  9. I repacked and reuploaded all the links - everyone needs to re-download everything. Sorry but I did confirm the links work 100% and they're in the correct folders....

  10. aiie this time it seems to be the first rar. i d/l twice and get the same error message. had a similar proble on my blog with embedded rar folders and decided to post as completely separate folders. could be a solution. thanks for all the effort... hard work after moving ;-)

  11. I've dl'ed and it unzipped fine - and it's great. Thanks for these. sometimes different programmes unzip differently giving unusual results I use 7-zip when IZark doesn't work.

    Thanks again (and in flac noless!!!!)


  12. surfjim: I can easily find time to listen to gobs of 1980-1989 New Order which made it easy to make the 80-84, 85-89 anthologies. The same cannot be said for 1990-2006 New Order. At the very least such an anthology might only be one CD worth - "Regret" repeated 18 times? ;) There are plenty of good, catalog tracks on Republic/Get Ready/WFTSC but I need to find that energy to listen to the dreck as well - and I do have some nice rarities for this batch that I need to consider as well. Rarities that 99.99% of my readership probably hasn't heard.

    And this compilation will NOT feature World In Motion... - at least not by that title. Perhaps the BBC Reportage theme instead? ;)

  13. I have seen comments in the ether about this upload of "Digital" from the Genetic session. The source was from Nth-generation cassette and at some point down the line got slowed down I believe. Now - it's in concert pitch and it's pitch-matched with the FAC2 Hannett "Substance" variant. it sounds too fast which I understand. It probably is. But what I then don't understand is why Martin Rushent would have the band pitch down their instruments for this one track only?

  14. hi!! great blog... an inspiration for mine:

  15. I guess they could have just played Digital too fast. Not uncommon for a band inexperienced in the studio, making demos for a deal - nerves can make you play fast. Curtis doesn't sound like a chipmunk so my guess would be that it's just a fast take.

    Why have yopu not re-mastered to 0db though? All these tracks can be normalized slightly without effecting quality I think

  16. sessions timeline acurate?

  17. the 4th RAR file is not downloading from mediafire. i'm pretty sure its not me as i've tried on a mac and pc. arrgh the frustration.

    …oh and great blog by the way. keep on trucking.

  18. davidsydenham: appears to be a mediafire issue. try again in a day or so, if you still get problems, let me know.

  19. thanks so much for these awesome "loose ends," especially in lossless. very interesting, if not important, artifacts.

  20. urgh.. "The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy"

  21. Great blog, amazing posts!!!

    Is there a legal issue with the unreleased sessions? If not, can you re-upload please? Thanks!

  22. Yes, sadly the files have been removed.

  23. yes, sadly the files have been removed.

    Any chance of a new upload?

  24. Will these tracks be made available again at all, as these links appear to be dead.