Saturday, September 5, 2009

on returning: The PoIT returns!

Back up and running (though minus two iPods that the movers stole from us, it's a hella long story best saved for offline except DO NOT USE HERMAN MOVERS IN AMHERST, NEW YORK), new content to follow later this weekend.

Happy Labor Day Weekend for those USA'ers!


  1. welcome back, eh.

    amherst? that means you're either now local or no-longer local to me.

  2. well, we moved to Amherst from Delaware Park / North Buffalo... am I local to you?

  3. i live in rochester, so i guess my "local" was maybe a bit exaggerated, but western ny is something, right?

    ps: no idea why my first comment comes out as "admin". don't want to giv the impression i'm trying to usurp your role. :)