Monday, December 21, 2009

concert: New Order 16 June 1989 Irvine, CA *remastered*

So the internets are abuzz lately with talk of a newly-discovered Joy Division rehearsal tape floating around, featuring not one but five full-length takes on "In A Lonely Place" - the last song written by the band prior to Ian's suicide, and closing with the verse beginning with "Hangman looks round as he waits / Cord stretches tight, then it breaks...". In 1997 this song was released on the Heart and Soul box set, but ending just prior to the final verse (sensitivity reasons to his surviving family, perhaps?). So it would be great to finally hear the long-rumored full-length variant, alas the set has yet to surface publicly on the internets so we will just have to wait.

In the meantime, we move forward. 10 years from last week's post, and 20 years in the past. According to New Order bassist Hooky, the band first died in the afternoon of today's featured gig, when Bernard announced to the group that he was starting Electronic (his project with Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr) and no longer wished to carry on with New Order. Seeing as how this was at the near beginning of that summer's American tour on the back of their 5th LP Technique, the band's sets from this point forward were those of a group in their death throes - and nobody outside the band knew it.

Which may account for the unique setlist of this June 16, 1989 Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre, Irvine, CA gig. "Age of Consent" and "All Day Long" see rare airings - it was the next-to-last-ever "Age of Consent", and the last-ever "All Day Long". Maybe Bernard was throwing Hooky a bone with "Age of Consent"?

This actual recording, the mastered version presented here, was considered for release recently by the band and ultimately rejected for feelings of sounding too "clinical" - it's too much of a pristine, sterile soundboard or something like that. Which is why I love it so - it's perhaps the best pure soundboard recording of this band I've ever heard, with a stunning clarity and depth that's got to be heard. It's also got perhaps my favorite live versions of "Your Silent Face" and "Temptation", at least for modern-day performances.

Sadly Bernard introduces the gig dedicating the set to Echo and the Bunnymen drummer Pete deFreitas, who died the day before. The two bands were good friends with each other and they toured the States in summer 1987 as co-headliners.

This gig was ultimately sourced from a DAT liberated from the band's archives by persons affiliated with Hooky. Interestingly enough, the same DAT liberated from Hooky shows signs of editing the between-song bits, perhaps to make the gig fit on a 74-minute CD? So this either was considered for release way back in the day, as well as more recently, or perhaps Hooky just wanted it edited down so he could throw it in his car/Discman for private listening? We'll never know.

This was available on various filesharing sites, but not in the mastering you find here. So if you had a previous copy of this gig, I'd still suggest grabbing this version. It's that much better.

16 June 1989 Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre, Irvine, CA
remastered and EQ'ed from the band's leaked master soundboard DAT

01 intro, dedication to Pete deFreitas
02 Ceremony
03 True Faith
04 Age of Consent
05 Dream Attack
06 All The Way
07 Mr Disco
08 Your Silent Face
09 Vanishing Point
10 Round & Round
11 Temptation
12 Bizarre Love Triangle
13 The Perfect Kiss
14 All Day Long
15 Bernard jamming
16 Fine Time

Grab it here, lossless FLAC split across 5 RAR files


  1. whats your take on the IALP demos? some misinformed chaps still think its a hoax.

  2. the files are not coming up on file host

  3. My first New Order concert - paired with Sugarcubes and PIL. The show felt about as sterile as you described but it was an excellent night. Thanks for posting this.

  4. on the joy division

    makes you wonder who has the rest of the master tapes or reel 2 reel and dat copys of there studio works that never made it to the public

    must of been the stuff that was taken from factory on the night the lenders came took what ever the crowd didnt salvage

    or sombody radided martin's studio at his home or he sold them for booze or drugs only god knows

  5. The version of "Mr. Disco" in this recording is pretty good!

  6. still the files dont open can any one help

  7. all good here... thanks again for al the hard work

  8. every time i try the link it just says opening files and noting happens ,can anyone help

  9. jonno-13: I'm gonna download this tonight, I'll let you know if there's something you're doing wrong dude.

  10. I don't know what problems people are having, but it will eventually download correctly. I suspect Mediafire is having issues so just keep on trying!

  11. tried again media files not working ,fix it please Christmas Day

  12. everything's ok. thanks a lot!

  13. Works fine here too, thanks muchly. Jonno, not sure what to suggest. Download all five parts to the same folder, wait for them all to finish downloading, then open the first part - if that's what you've been doing and it ain't working, then I've no idea what's wrong =/

  14. @Music Archivist: "must of been the stuff that was taken from factory on the night the lenders came took what ever the crowd didnt salvage"; except that didn't actually happen, it was made up for "24 hour party people"...

  15. ahh ok never seen 24 hour party people read it thanks for the info thou dont wanto sound liek moron next time haha learn somthing new everyday

    just wondering how so many masters have dissapeard
    from lable vaults and so forth is all

  16. Just to let you know Mediafire worked today , what a christmas

  17. Thank you, finally got chance to listen to this, a top-quality job.

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  20. Links are dead? Can you reupload them? This is a must have FLAC for NO fans, thank you.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  21. No NO/JD reuploading per Hooky cease and desist request.