Monday, January 11, 2010

paradiso: Joy Division 11 Jan. 1980 *best ever version*

It was 30 years ago today that Joy Division performed one of their most famous gigs.

Famous in that it's probably spawned the most bootlegs of any Joy Division gig, that is.

At least this post isn't contributing to the glut. Or perhaps it is.

Featured today is the band's 11 January 1980 Paradiso, Amsterdam gig, in best-ever quality (though it has to be said that the high end on the meat of the gig could use some touchups, but that's a post/project for another day). Assembled with care from a multitude of sources (bootleg, private CD-R from an uncirculated low-if-not-master copy of the soundboard recording, FM broadcast, etc), this version pretty much is the last word on this gig. All tracks pitch-accurate to boot! (Common bootleg versions were often at the incorrect speed.)

Supposedly this gig was actually two sets because the support band didn't play, but some have their doubts because the majority of gigs on this winter 1980 European tour are about this long. Why, nobody knows...

So enjoy!

Lossless FLAC as is our custom on the PoIT...

11 January 1980
The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

01 Passover
02 Wilderness
03 Digital
04 Day Of The Lords
05 Insight
06 New Dawn Fades
07 Disorder
08 Transmission
09 Love Will Tear Us Apart
10 These Days
11 A Means To An End
12 24 Hours
13 Shadowplay
14 She's Lost Control
15 Atrocity Exhibition
16 Atmosphere
17 Interzone
18 Atmosphere (again) ("Black Rain" FM broadcast)

Get it here!


  1. Hi.
    This is amazing.
    I did a side by side comparison with the best version i had.
    This is so much better.
    I have been up for hours just listening to it.
    Thank you so so much for the time & effort that you have given to this.
    It is always appreciated by me.
    Looking forward to the next one!!
    Keep up the blogging.
    Best wishes,
    Mr. C.

  2. The difference is noticeable immediately - it's a shame that this quality wasn't around during the Les Bains Douches release - especially the hotchpotch around the Refractured Box One where the entire gig was released with 2 second gaps.....

    I remember reading somewhere that only around 35 people were in the audience - if that's true then more people have heard the bootleg than attended the gig!

  3. Fantastic; the care you take with your music files puts most record companies to shame. Thank you!

  4. Hi there!
    Wonderful blog.
    Just a little problem in download: part 4
    Please check when you have a minute.