Thursday, April 29, 2010

read the blog, bought the record?

Have any of my readers been compelled to, you know, actually PURCHASE any of the items I've blogged? Whether physical product, or digital download, I am curious.

I get the feeling I'm doing this whole thing backwards sometimes.

I, the blogger, have been compelled to purchase quite a few of the items I've blogged. A quick rundown, off the top of my head:

Both BITCH MAGNET CD's. I had downloaded lossless copies on the interwebs before, but I became so obsessed with this band around the time I blogged them, I had to actually have the product. So I purchased Ben Hur new (still available via many online retailers on CD), and a used copy of Umber And Star Booty via Funnily enough, there are enough postings elsewhere with people griping how pricey used copies of Umber And Star Booty are, but - including shipping - I paid less than retail cost for the new CD (as you'd expect for used product). Yeah, some of the online sellers are charging exorbitant amounts for this CD, but you can also find it at a much more reasonable cost.

TAR - Roundhouse/Handsome. Also used, via Again, online complaints about how hard it is to find affordably, but again, cost me less than the original retail price including shipping. Granted, the cover did have a bit of water damage, but I didn't buy the disc for the inlay.

RODAN - Rusty. Purchased new, and glad I did.

JOEL RL PHELPS / DOWNER TRIO - Virtually everything. Warm Springs Night, 3, Blackbird and Inland Empires all via either or Amazon Marketplace, and all used. All I'm missing is the Downer Trio EP, and Customs (with the bonus CD). I may have pissed off Joel's label head Tim Cook, but I walked the walk. I'd gladly purchase these new if I could, because the money should go to JRLP and not some online seller. BTW all these were less than $5 each, not including shipping.

SILKWORM - Libertine. Used via, and $10. Not bad for a CD that many seek, and many bitch about the cost.

the JESUS LIZARD - Head/Pure, Goat, Liar and Down, all new from my local indie record store, the remastered editions. Granted I'd owned all the above in their original release masterings, but after downloading lossless copies of the remasters, I had to own them for the liner notes alone. I'm damn glad I purchased them as they are nothing short of spectacular.



  1. Oh, I've definitely bought things you've blogged about. Rapeman, Bob Mould, The Wedding Present... Interestingly, most of those I found as used vinyl within a week or so of your posting them. Serendipity.

  2. Your Libertine post made me remember how good that album was and I will track down a copy. Not bought yet, but I will. And their first one, also. Thank you.

  3. Sorry, no. Living in Cambodia means I cannot buy legal discs... full stop. No legal discs are for sale, and online stores won't deliver here. Means the web is my only source of music. And buying mp3's I already have is a step too far for me. While in my home country I'll pick up some discs. Some of which I probably will have downloaded already, but I'll want the discs for my collection nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Of course! I even saw The Wedding Present live this past Saturday, which puts more money in their pocket than a CD sale.

    I'm not buying Slint, though. They suck.

  5. Yup, Bob Mould back catalogue. We lost contact after Sugar. Well reconciled thank you.

    Also watched 'Tour Film' Again. And of course that led to s Syd Straw jag.

    And thank you for the definitive 'Larry's Hideaway'.

  6. 50poundnote: I'll just ignore your Slint comment ;)

    - - -

    I've been thinking of reintroducing the blog with a "so far - the best of the blog" post - but I'm now over 5 hours of music in the prospective playlist. Too much (83 tracks so far), or should I top it off at an even 100 tracks?

  7. I'm allowed to poke fun at Slint, being from Kentucky and all. Every time I set foot in Ear X-tacy they were playing Spiderland. Torturous. ;)

  8. Personally i will never purchase music Via Digital Download

    Reason 1. Just makes the Records labels Lazy it also take's away jobs from a lot of people

    2. there is no customer protection Example:
    if you say you Order a Itunes Pre Release Album From Say (New Order) and it has exclusive tracks
    then like not even 10 mins after you get your album you hard drive takes a dump.

    Itunes will not let you get your tracks again unless you pay for them and if the exclusive tracks are gone there gone you will not be able to get them again after a certain time

    plus i feel that paying the same price for a non physical album is total BS.

    The label does not have to pay anybody to print a cd or some guy to stand in front of Cover printer or put jewel cases together or have to pay for packing And shipping Or Fuel And so forth so the label pockets all the cash that once went into the cost of manufacturing and paying employees

    Example (Warner Bros) main record offices in Burbank is a ghosttown now
    cant even call a front desk operator now

    Promotions dept went from 45 people down to one or 2 to handle 7 labels

    now i have been reading the the debate with Mr. Cook.

    and i agree why would you dl music via blogs torrents or any P2P server?

    Well its a 2 edged sword you cant win either way mr cook is angry that his label's music is being put on the net for free.Hence he and his artist are losing capitol.

    The Fans are frustrated that they cant find cds in record stores or are tired of paying exuberant amount of money for cd that should be stocked hence nobody wants to pay 100.00 for a 9.00 cd (Example new record store days singles
    being sold for crazy amounts of money by scum bags who don't even like the music itself)

    And there is alot of things labels do not tell you

    they don't tell you that pirating is a very small amount of the labels losing money.
    They don't tell you that used cds killed alot of sales and that people are tired of buying re pressings of the same shit with 1 or 2 new tracks or buying 7 different formats to get all the mixes for there collections.

    Or People starting there own labels because they haven't been paid there royalties or being taken for ride and promised certain things that have never met.

    or not willing to put out there style of music puff daddy and few others to name a few

    there so much more behind the door that we dont know

    but instead of getting angry at he fans for trying to connect with there new or favorite or even lost music try meeting the demand

    Print up some cds to order so there is no over stock do mail order from your office do a box set why sit on all the artists complete catalogs if it not making any money both parties would be happy hence the Downloading would slow to crawl

    people could enjoy the music and the label would make some cash

    Seeing by your Facebook Profile Mr.Cook you like to eat (photos of food)

  9. I can't tell you how many copies of GOAT I've gone through over the years.

  10. Music Archivist--

    "Seeing by your Facebook Profile Mr.Cook you like to eat (photos of food) "

    I have no idea what you're talking about. Enjoy the stolen music.


  11. I purchase a lot of things I get to know through music blogs. However, with your music blog, the things I find most interesting are rarities by bands from which I already have a lot of music. Examples? For instance, you posted Joy Divison songs that are not on the Heart and Soul box (which I have). Or REM songs that are not on Murmur (which I have already purchased twice: once the cd, and later a reissue with bonus tracks). Or, recently, the mix of 'Double Nickels on the Dime' wich is different to the CD I purchased years ago.
    And, apart from that 'Double Nickels' version, those songs are not for sale, as fas as I know. If some of the JD or NO stuff you posted were available, I would purchase that.