Wednesday, April 28, 2010

waiting for the JD Recycle tracks?

The "alternate" variants will come, lossless, as promised. Not the majority of tracks over at the Recycle blog, just the pitch-fixed etc. versions. As I've long said, I'm respecting 50poundnote's wishes to keep the majority of these out of lossless circulation, but I have his blessing to put the non-canon variants up lossless, over here.

We wait, though. I don't want to prematurely spoil FAC213 now do I?

In the meantime, your humble blogger is busily thinking about new avenues to explore on the blog. I'm glad I had the chance for a rethink, and while I'm not really changing my approach, I may do less full albums and more quick hits touching on a wider variety of music. Or not.

Let me posit a question:

Please leave a comment regarding what your favorite post has been on this blog. I see the download statistics, of course, but they only tell half the story.

What has been your favorite post? Favorite series of posts? What artists do you want to see blogged more, that I've already touched on? By now loyal readers should know my "style" of music, so what artists would you like to see touched on that I've not done so already?

So keep this on your blogroll and stay tuned....


  1. I will start the comments by blowing my own horn on my own favorite postings. Though, by nature, EVERY post has been my favorite, and none of them are my redheaded stepchildren....

    I have three, actually:

    1) The New Order Western Works Demos. Speaks for itself, and with at least one band member's blessing, the world finally got to hear these in glorious stereo off the alleged master reel.

    2) My Tar postings. I've long been a fan of one particular album of theirs, Jackson, though I'd not really heard much of their earlier material prior to beginning my research on the series of posts. I liked what I discovered so much, a) I blogged it, and b) I bought it (used of course, since their AmRep material is still OOP).

    3) My Iain Burgess tribute compilation. I'd forgotten how much so damn good music that man had his hands on. And again, like Tar, researching the post led to exploring many other avenues and bands, leading me to about half of what I've posted since the Ian Burgess series (though some of those I'd been fans of before, but not as strongly as I became lately).

    Extra credit: My post about the blog future. I love the dialog that generated, and want to see more!

  2. have to echo the New Order Western Works Demos, those were like treasure.

    second... the live Joy Division material, and the re-pitched Dead Souls, which is my favorite JD track.

    third.... the remastered Wilco show from 2003. Another favorite, and somehow this show slipped under my radar. excellent.

    Love everything, really, my greatest find has been The Jesus Lizard, a band I wouldn't have known existed if it weren't for this blog.

  3. Personally, I am here for the stuff that hasn't been released before, specifically the New Order demos and live soundboards. I understand your motivations for making available long-deleted, rare releases, but they aren't so interesting to me and, given they can cause troubles, I'd prefer more of the live stuff that you can get away with.

    Given all that, I think my favourite post would have to be the New Order Milan soundboard, though the Western Works demos are close due to their historical importance.

  4. My favorite were the New Order tracks. No doubt about it.

  5. The New Order posts have been so wonderful. Would love to see more. This blog is great.

  6. My favorite were the unreleased Joy Division studio sessions. It was good to hear those tracks in good quality and also hear the ones that were left out of the H&S box set. I think I said on this blog before that I would love to hear a better quality recording of the RCA album.

  7. NEW Fads and WP. Although I really now know how much JD was really at the cutting edge of something new. I did not appreciate that when the albums came out so much as I do now.

  8. I actually REALLY liked having the "Remastered" Pre-Master version of New Order's "Get Ready" (and the companion disc... even though I thought some of the monitor mixes were redundant)

    Also - your Martin Hannett compilation was INCREDIBLE. And like - even though I had stuff by most/all of those bands... I had never heard most of those tracks before

  9. This blog is awesome. You cover my 2 favorite bands the Jesus Lizard and Joy Division. The Martin Hannett mix was great as was the Ian Burgess and Albini mix. Especially the Albini, which was a nice collection considering a lot of what he's known for. It might be cool to do the another one of the more "noisy" Albini stuff (great unravelling, jaks etc..). At the end of the day keep posting, because just knowing from the above comments that you introduced one person to the Lizard is worth it. I can't wait to hear more JD stuff, and if there is any way you can get unreleased Lizard on your hands, well now that would be something. Anyways, thanks.

  10. I'm basically here for the JD and NO stuff I'm afraid. The pitch corrected JD stuff is a delight and the rounding up of the sessions and concerts that have only been partially released officially fills a lot of gaps in my iTunes library. Thanks for all your hard work.