Sunday, July 25, 2010

summer break / Joy Division RECYCLE musings

Well only a brief one...

Our next post, unless the mood strikes differently, will be this blog's alternative masterings of the RECYCLE blog's Joy Division packages. There are enough curios either left out of RECYCLE, or tracks released there to warrant additional consideration, that it would warrant its own post over here (and as lossless FLAC).

I'm just waiting for our friend £50 Note to wrap up his end of the deal with Atmosphere 1988, which I promise will be a spectacular treat to wind up the series ;)

So, with the caveat that no, I will *not* be posting every part of the Joy Division RECYCLE series as lossless FLAC, which individual tracks, from the Joy Division series, would you like to see over here?


  1. Twenty-Four Hours and The Sound of Music

  2. Transmission. She's Lost Control.

  3. I would really like to see the Pitch corrected tracks. "These Days" in the right pitch is the one I have been looking forward to the most. I would also like to see "She's Lost Control 12inch)............Thanks for all the hard work; brilliant stuff....

  4. I would love to have the pitch corrected tracks and the live version of 24 hours - I have the LP of still but no turn table!

  5. Hi,

    I'd like 'Ceremony' with Ian Curtis Voice remastered at your best.


  6. I'm a-gagging for the pitch corrected stuff, particularly These Days. I've even been holding out on downloading the singles from Recycle that have pitch-corrected stuff yet to be posted!

  7. I would really like the Japanese CD's these song's were taking from.

  8. Just downloaded 50 Pound's final Recycle EP. Glorious. Agreed on the request for a Ceremony remaster if possible.

    Would really like to see a focus on tracks not on the studio albums, as in any Substance/Still/Warsaw tracks remastered if possible. I've got the Heart and Soul box set, so something like the "Remains" bootleg would be nice.

    BTW, will you get around to your best of Live tracks album one day? I loved your studio tracks greatest hits, and there's so many bootlegs of concerts it's hard to know where to start!

    Looking forward to see what you release :) Keep up the good work!

  9. The idea of the recycle series is great.
    It's hard to pick - 24 hours and/or some pitch corrected tracks.
    I read your remark and I know that it takes enormous efforts to put everything up in FLAC but that is the only way we would have it a proper format once and for all.

  10. Considering all you have given so far....What ever is in your own mind to tackle is a-ok by me.

    But, as mentioned above...your own take on a "best of" live effort would be welcomed with open arms :-)

    And I realize the near impossibility of cleaning up the Joy Division Ceremony track...but whatever could be done with it....

    And a heartfelt THANKS for all your efforts on the recycle project. A brilliant peice of work!

  11. I just wanted to thank you for working on the JD project. I had Still in my car tape deck for a year in College (early 80s) and that album (and Joy Division in general) had a massive effect on my musical sensibility. As a college DJ, former part time music critic, and guitar player/writer, it gives me great pleasure to hear restored/rescued tracks. It also is comforting that there are others so affected by this music! AND BTW I have several US 12" of JD and NO which are in fairly pristine shape if you need to access them!

  12. You know that version of the LWTUA video which has surfaced recently, featuring the actual live audio which the band were playing on 28th April 1980 in TJ Davidsons, but with the Britannia Row vocals horribly dubbed over it? If there is some way of removing the overdubbed vocals, so we could hear the 28/4/80 recording properly, I think that would be really worth doing.

  13. @kenneth: That version - and I admit it'd be a Holy Grail of sorts to have it without the overdubbed Brittania Row vocal track - has been circulating since at least 1988. It was on the Substance video compiled then, which saw promo copies circulated by US label Qwest, but alas never saw official release.

    I had a copy of this video in 1989 thanks to the late, lamented Wax Trax! record store in Chicago and their penchant for selling bootleg tapes (both audio and video), along with the best Chicago store to find Factory releases. Among other things, they were well known for their custom-made neon Joy Division sign proudly displayed behind the counter.