Monday, August 1, 2011

Bitch Magnet: the interviews

Sorry for the rush posting earlier, the BM's were announcing the reissues campaign and wanted to know when the interview was going up live.  Being at work, and stuck doing it via iPhone's Mobile Safari, I had to post the rough version so at least I could get the URLs in place where the BMs wanted them.

I went ahead and cleaned up the posts, tidied a few things up.  Meanwhile some of you are coming over from Chunklet, which asked if they could host a "lite" version for the masses.  Of course, anyone that would consider posting my bit among bits with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross is completely awesome in my book, so of course I said yes.

So enjoy!  The bits are here:

Part I - pre-history to the precipice of Ben Hur

Part II - Ben Hur, the wayward years, and the now
(yes, I know this URL says part 1, it lies. Lies!)

Anybody want to fly me out to London in December?

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  1. great bitch magnet and seam stuff - totally love both bands... thanks especially for the interviews//.