Monday, July 23, 2012

Joel R.L. Phelps - finally! (a favorite of mine...)

Faithful readers will recall the time in the past when I posted some Joel R.L. Phelps : The Downer Trio records, ones long out of print, and got into a ... discussion with Joel's label owner about hosting music for download without the artist or label's permission, and ethics of file sharing, etc.  I eventually took down the post and I still respect Mr. Cook and Joel's right to release their music the way they see fit.

Joel hasn't put out a record since 2004.  He's virtually unknown, and if he's even known at all it's as the guy who left Silkworm (another criminally neglected band).

That said, he's easily one of my all-time favorite artists, both in terms of songwriting and style/performance.  There's something grossly unique about his vocal style - and I don't mean "grossly" in terms of disgust, I mean it in the sense of exaggeratedness.  If that's a word...  He's also a fantastic guitarist.

So imagine my surprise - when largely not a peep has been heard from Joel since 2004 - to come across a Facebook post of his yesterday announcing a bevy of new tracks on Soundcloud, and also mention that there may be possibly *two* new LPs this year. (!)  So, since he's posted these himself, enjoy yourself some JRLP.

All but "Darla Don't You Go", "The Way Down", "Counsel" (a track very high in my all-time favorites list, by any artist...), "Unless You're Tired Of Living" and "Good Advice For Dogs" are brand-spankin'-new.

Enjoy - and thank you Joel!

JRLP on Soundcloud

JRLP's Facebook group


  1. Thanks! Keep on trucking (posting!)

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  3. Been waiting/hoping for his return for years. Thanks for the update.

  4. Been waiting/hoping for his return for years. Two new releases!? Crazy. Hope it comes to pass. Thanks for the update.

  5. Great artist, great guy. Can't wait for his new stuff.