Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The New Order Archives: a new blog.

With the huge amount of exposure these "stash" tapes have received, and the large number of downloads the files have seen, clearly there is an interest in something more.

So, I've started a new blog, The New Order Archives.  The first post explains the mission statement and what to expect.  Please update your bookmarks, and keep both TPoIT and TNOA on your RSS feeds ;)

For a duration, I will crosspost new entries on TNOA over here, but only links to the posts over on TNOA.  But ultimately all "stash"-type material will only be on TNOA, with my normal non-New Order postings continuing here.

Speaking of New Order.... IFPI/Warners DMCA'ed the Run 2 unreleased mixes post.  I didn't complain this time as in this case it clearly was something the label had rights to and I had squat; I had just hoped that 20+ year old mixes, never released, would escape anyone's attention.  Then again, 6,000 downloads later since they were posted in 2009, there clearly was interest.  Ah well.

Enjoy TNOA!  I think my first post there will be new-ish masterings of the Western Works demos, hugely improved from the version I posted a million years ago.  Watch that space...

- Analog Loyalist


  1. REM's going to release another crippled, poorly mastered deluxe album (Document) with Utrecht 87 as a bonus disc. Maybe you'll want to revisit REM's "Red Rain" bootleg and do a great remaster of it, like you did with the Murmur bonus disc. I know I'd really appreciate it! :)

  2. It's maddening that I discovered your brilliant blogs just days too late for Run 2 - I've managed to download (and begin listening to) almost everything else you've posted so far. I'm infinitely grateful for your hard work. Hope one of the 6000+ downloaders of the unreleased Run 2/MTO material uploads it elsewhere on the 'net...