Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Loyal readers: a favor to ask...?

It's sad.  Mediafire account death means I lost some of the things I posted here myself.

I have a favor to ask:

Any kind soul who downloaded the Seam - 1994 Germany soundboard FLAC set from here, can you kindly upload it somewhere where I can get it back myself?

It would be hugely appreciated.  Let me know if you can, and the link, in the comments.  There are reasons behind my asking......


  1. Hey, I have that rar file (100MB) I got from you a while backe. What/where would be a good place for you to get it? Let me know and I'll do it immediately.

  2. @ian: odd, 100MB seems too small for a lossless set. Check the archive size and files within... the high-quality VBR mp3 set I have for my iPhone use is approx 75MB, so FLAC should be around 200-300MB total (give or take). I believe it was 2-3 RAR or ZIP files, each being 100MB or so, which means you should have more than one.

    1. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I was just going to contact you and tell you I have one more zip file. Looks like you may have already gotten it. Sorry about that! Take care, ian

  3. I would if I could, and I'm sure anyone here would be more than willing for all that you have given us, but that's one that I didn't make it to soon enough. Hope all is going well, and I hope we haven't heard the last from you!

  4. I've got this. Flacset zipped up comes out to 281.5MB.

  5. Thanks all! Got it from multiple sources.

  6. Actually, could somebody just re-up the entire site, please? I miss this place.

  7. Oh no, I am discovering this site too late.

    If the Seam and/or Bitch Magnet live sets still exist anywhere, and I can get my hands on 'em, I'd be glad to post at dimeadozen.org (flac concert torrent site) for a larger audience.

  8. Somehow missed the original post of this and would really love a copy--if anyone could post on dime or put up file locker links or run a magnet that would be awesome.