Wednesday, May 8, 2013

good evening, captain: SLINT uncirculated 1989 set!

When I started this blog back in the dark days of 2008, I wasn't really certain of anything but I'd write stuff, share things, and maybe the odd lunatic such as myself would chance upon it and find something of interest, and perhaps share it themselves with likeminded folk here and there.  I figure that anyone who a) reads this, b) LIKES this, c) shares this is my kind of people - after all, how many people enjoy playing Songs About Fucking immediately after Happy Mondays?

I didn't expect to be doing this nearly 5 years later, and I certainly didn't expect some of the cachet of readers I've attracted.  My most favorite comments, or private off-blog emails to me, have been from musicians - often from bands I've blogged - sending their compliments, their corrections (heh), occasionally their cease and desist requests (certain bearded bassists need not apply...), and my absolute favorite, material to feature.

It was this last category that leads to this post.  Outside of ongoing plans regarding your humble blogger working with two of his very favorite Chicago bands on upcoming projects, a certain band member of a band I've blogged in the past - a band that's long been a favorite of mine - contacted me via the blog's Facebook page to discuss a project they are working on, and as an aside asked if I'd mind him sending me a tape to do with as I saw fit.

That tape is Slint.  The setting: a gig in Madison, Wisconsin in August 1989.  The content:  an audience recording of a gig that not only hadn't circulated, but the Internets and the Googles aren't even aware this show existed.  This tape has not been circulated AT ALL that we are aware of.  Just to be sure, the reader that sent this tape to me is NOT a member of Slint (original or later incarnations) - and gave me his OK to post this.

Slint we've discussed before.  If you've read this far, you want this tape.  Without going into details, this is a dub of the master itself - and it sounds utterly spectacular.

I did a fair amount of work on the raw tape to make it what I present to you now - off-tape, the gig was just pretty good, but after my efforts to beat it into submission, it shines.  I think you'll agree.

This set comes after Tweez but before the legendary, classic Spiderland - I'd place it around when they recorded the "Glenn"/"Rhoda" 10" material with Steve Albini - and is a nice mixture of both styles in that the weirder/more angular Tweez material slots in with the recorded-in-1989 10" and unrecorded Spiderland stuff.  "Nosferatu Man" has some different lyrics, and while 90% of the song is there, it's still a work in progress.  Same for "Good Morning, Captain" except there's no lyric yet.  Sadly the tape ran out with about (guessing) 30 seconds left in "Good Morning, Captain" so while you can sing the "I MISS YOU!!" bit yourself at the proper point in the climax, I had to fade the song out shortly thereafter rather than it coming to its natural close as it does on record.

So without further ado....

20 August 1989
O'Cayz Corral, Madison, Wisconsin
mastered May 2013 by Analog Loyalist

01 intro
02 Glenn
03 Ron
04 Nan Ding
05 Charlotte
06 Nosferatu Man
07 Darlene
08 Pat
09 Pam
10 Good Morning, Captain (instrumental)

Zipped FLAC via Hotfile (Netkups too unstable lately).

Any other musician readers want to send me stuff?  Send me a message on the Facebook page via the link up there on the right!



  1. Thanks so much for this. Downloading it now and I can't wait to hear it. Thank you again for all your efforts and to that anonymous person who originally had this tape and wisely sent it your way so you could work your magic on it!

  2. Thank you - an unexpected treat.

  3. gotta love the unexpected special stuff in life. Thank you .

  4. Once again, you're the man! Increadible treat.

  5. very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    any chance you'd be willing to re-upload some of the expired mediafire links, or can they be obtained via other means?

  6. I have to admit that I do not know Slint. Thanks for the schooling, I am SO looking forward to hearing this based on their post-Slint projects which I do know. I have been following your blog for a couple years and have ALWAYS enjoyed your insight and *excellent* mastering skills. I am a musician with some production & mastering experience and sincerely appreciate what you do. Thank. You.

  7. I don't suppose you have the version of "Pam" they recorded for the Spiderland sessions do you? I'd love to hear that.

  8. Many thanks for this. I always find some super items on your blog so keep it going

  9. Thanks!

    Did you use some sort of noise reduction on this? It would be cool to hear it in it's original hissy state.


  10. Todd: welcome! Email me drewc at gmail

  11. Only four and a half years late to this post. Any chance on getting these hosted somewhere for download?

  12. I am late to the party as well. Does anyone know where any photos are?