Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Keeping busy with mastering gigs (AKA an update of sorts)...

Curious as to what I've been working on?  Neglecting the blog for?

I suppose I can mention this now, as it's been published in articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Athens, GA's Flagpole, and discussed by the band themselves.

I just turned over to the vinyl cutter, an excellent fella whom astute readers of TPoIT can probably suss out based on my tastes, a Pylon (fucking PYLON!) live set to be released later this year on Chunklet as a double vinyl LP set, and your common household digital stores.  Twenty brilliant songs recorded at their "First Last Show" 1 December 1983, Mad Hatter, Athens, Georgia.  It is absolutely fantastic and will be the legendary band's first-ever live release.  So look out for it.  When or if Chunklet posts a promo on YouTube, as he often does, I'll link to it here.

Thanks to this blog, and the Joy Division reissues I worked on in 2006/07, I've worked on quite a few mastering gigs for Chunklet.  I'm starting to forget all of them now!

  •  Tar
  •  Rock*A*Teens
  •  Don Caballero x2
  •  Thee Speaking Canaries x2
  •  Survival Knife
  •  Mugstar
  • A silly prank call 7"
I've also redone the Poster Children's Toreador Squat tape, which we featured here for the first time many years ago with the band's contributions to the writeup, for 2015 Cassette Store Day.  The band put together a wonderful package - piece of art, really - for the release.  It's still available digitally and a big upgrade on what I posted in 2011.

If you haven't checked any of these things out, I highly encourage you to do so.  No shilling here; I make $0 if 0 people or 20,000 people buy any of these.

One of these days I will actually have "new" material for the blog.  I have promised several folks to do so, just waiting for some last-minute contributions.

Chunklet's Bandcamp
Poster Children Merch

Lastly, I did a podcast for The Unheard Music recently, talking about this blog, among other well and sundry items of interest.  Episode 7, here.  Please listen!

...back to the hideout...

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