Thursday, May 26, 2016

PYLON LIVE. The band R.E.M. all say was better than them. And I mastered it.

Live Pylon?

How about PYLON LIVE.  My latest mastering gig.  And it sounds fucking stellar.

I mastered fucking PYLON.  And the band loved it.  Pinch me, for I fear I'm dreaming.

Read about it here.  Sample a tune and buy the double LP and/or digital version here.  Deluxe edition yourself here.  Out on Randy Bewley's birthday July 25, 2016 worldwide.

Oh, we did a 7" teaser too...


  1. SWEET! Just bout the single & pre-ordered the full show.

    On the old Chunklet blog, you used to have some tracks from a 1982 Pylon show (Memorial Hall, Athens), but I could never find the whole thing. Any chance you could share that here? Would be verrryy groovey...

    1. I'm not Chunklet nor do I have any idea about those tracks/show...

    2. Umm -- can you ask the Chunklet folks? Aren't they selling the Pylon show you mastered??

    3. Yes. I've asked for assistance:)

    4. Sweet! By the way, the Pylon live tracks from the forthcoming album sound exquisite....

  2. Pylon. Damn! One of the greatest. Truly. And the live set I sampled sounds perfect. Looking forward to it's release. Thanks! (BTW There was a Lexus commercial on TV recently that used Pylon's "Cool". I thought I was in an alternate universe. Tres cool.

  3. I stumbled across this while searching for "No Love Lost" by The Effigies. This was a nice surprise & I just downloaded the tracks on iTunes. Thanks for cluing me in!