Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Order - Chicago Metro 1983 addendum

Coupla things.

Ex-blog partner 50 Pound Note provided some excellent and apropos artwork for this set.

Free iCookie to anyone who can translate the code.  Pick it up from your neighbor and tell them I sent you.

I have done the Ferris Bueller thing with this Seurat painting many times in person, at least until the point the security starts giving you the staredown for getting too close...

Readers will recall I ended the original post with the entreaty that folks carry on the set's availability by uploading it themselves to and posting the download URL in the comments.  I've had several folks contact me looking for a reupload.  Now's your time to shine.


  1. The FLACs are too large for my account, but if anyone wants the 320 mp3s, you can get them from here, for now:

  2. Link for those requesting FLAC's

  3. CA anyone else re-up the FLACs? I've been off of the net for a bit and just discovered this today.

  4. FLACs here - folder also includes new cover art file:!fFFFBKoT!-oDJHY0LbeZGHVQmkwZB7Ml6cAWA7XHbPyR8U7Y7goQ

  5. wow - thanks!!! I'm so surprised to find a new post up on the blog!

  6. Damn, I'm late to the party. If someone would be kind enough to post a new link it would be much appreciated.