Saturday, December 5, 2009

got ready: New Order Get Ready *mastered* Premix

Since everybody was nice enough, here's the exclusive mastered version of the Get Ready Premix tracks, mastered by yours truly. I left the tracklisting the same as on the unmastered leak, but of course feel free to assemble your own sequence if you wish!

What did I do?

First, these tracks were, for the most part, not properly EQ'ed. The worst was "Runwild [Primitive Notion]", it really suffered from heavily overcooked mids, and sounded as if somebody tossed a blanket on the speakers. The other tracks all needed some fresh EQ as well, which I've done. It sounds loads better, professional even!

Second, I compromised a bit and applied a light touch of mastering compression. And I mean light. The original leak was rather quiet sounding, and the mastered official release was MUCH too brickwalled. This version here is definitely neither, it's really a nice touch.

Third, I repaired the track intros as I suspect the watermarking used on the original Warners leak did things to the song intros. (This was also done on the version I posted last week.) Many of the intros were cut off, and while my source did do a nice job fixing it initially, I've made it all seamless and had I not told you that every song intro is a patch job (and I mean the first 5 seconds or so), you would never have known it.

I daresay that with a bit of judicious editing, this variant could really blow the official release out of the water. It's missing "Rock The Shack" (addition by subtraction at its finest!), and while a couple of the tracks do begin to overstay their welcome in that some of middle or ending bits might go on a tad too long, I much prefer this version to the final release. Not that "Field" or "Run This River Dry" make the record, but I just prefer these versions more than the final mastering as released by Warners.

Sequence-wise I'm not sure if I'd have done it different than the official release did. I think the sequence on the final release does work, and I like how it opens with the barnstormer "Crystal" and ends with the gently-into-the-good-night vibes of "Run Wild", but perhaps I'd have moved up "Primitive Notion" in the final sequence and moved down "Vicious Streak". Or not.

The CD inner pictured above is the closest thing I can find online for this actual product timing-wise. The only difference is "Crystal" in our version has moved up from the 7th track to the 4th, presumably Warners were catching on to its superiority as an opening track.

So do enjoy - and I'm making one last attempt at Mediafire. I hate Rapidshare and for whatever reason I can't get my uploads to Megaupload to work.

One last bit. I know that pre-mastering versions of Waiting For The Sirens' Call are out there and if anybody has it lossless I would love to get my mastering hands on it! Imagine "Jetstream" pre-Ana Matronic for starters...

- - - - -

mastered by

01 60 MPH (mix 2)
02 Runwild (mix 3) [Primitive Notion]
03 Dream On (original mix) [Close Range]
04 Crystal
05 Freefall (mix 2) [Someone Like You]
06 Slow Jam
07 Shipwreck (mix 2) [Turn My Way]
08 Vicious Streak (mix 3)
09 Field (mix 1 vox up) [Player In The League]
10 Run This River Dry (recall from submix) [Sabotage]
11 Full Circle (mix 2) [Run Wild]

Lossless FLAC again, split across 4 RAR files as usual...

Mediafire folder with the links!



  1. Wow... must have refreshed at just the right moment to catch this.

    The difference is striking! There sound release-worthy. A beautiful upgrade to what you provided earlier.

    Thank you so much for this. And thanks for sticking with Mediafire.

  2. Uggg... I meant "*They're* sound release-worthy." I hate it when people use the wrong there/their/they're, so I had to comment to correct it.

    Been listening for a while the intros are seamless. I'd love to watch you play with these things as you pretty them up!

  3. Many thanks for putting this up for everyone to enjoy.
    As always very much appreciated.
    Keep up the top Blog!
    Best Wishes,
    Mr C.

  4. Thanks so much, really appreciated. No problems with the downloads at all :] This WILL be replacing the released version in my CD player/affections.

  5. Thanks for all of your hard work. These premix releases just prove that New Order are at their best when left alone. They need to get back together to write, record, produce, master, engineer, and release music all on their own. It might end up messy and imperfect, but it will be so much more "Newordery". Thanks again. Between you and the guys at the Recycle blog, I have died and gone to New Order heaven.

  6. The pre-Anamatronic version of "Jetstream" was released on some downlaod services called 'The Bunker Mix' as a 192kbps MP3. There's also a interesting Japanese language version of "Krafty" doing the rounds.

  7. Do you think Ana wrecks Jetstream? Actually I'd love to hear your opinion on all of WFTSC. It's my fave NO album after movement, personally.

  8. It would seem that you sir have far too much time on your hands. That said I and many others are very grateful for that. Sincere thanks for giving us an insight into the process. I am sure that if N.O. require an engineer for any forthcoming project then they need look no further than your good self.

  9. ASTOUNDING! The difference is like night and day from the original release. A real pleasure to listen to.


  10. you are a remarkable human being! this (and the other Brutal/Get Ready stuff) is just a great treat. I've been trying to hunt down this early premix since Get Ready came out - thank you!

  11. Thanks for this! When you have time, could you re-post the "Premix Companion" collection as its own file? I'm so excited to hear those tracks! Thanks a lot!

  12. thanks this is really great. I found this blog by accident looking for info on Neil Young's Time Fades Away HDCD that I downloaded some time ago in the past, perhaps Mininova.
    The JD / NO downloads you have are excellent real quality stuff, much appreciated Keep On Blogging In The Real World.

    Just one point where's The Fall?

  13. Thank you so much. I have dwnld a few times over the several months and file no.'s 3, 6 & 8 are always missing. Vicious Streak is one of them. Time permitting, will you please re-up/check the files? These are great. Thank you.