Sunday, December 13, 2009

radio live transmission: Joy Division Paris 1979 UPGRADE

I do have quite a few queued items in the "to be blogged" category, but while this one wasn't techically atop the list, we are close enough to its 30th anniversary that I wanted to feature it this week.

One of the better sounding Joy Division live CDs out there is Les Bains Douches, a disc documenting 9 tracks from their 18 December 1979 gig in Paris (with the remaining tracks on that particular CD coming from other gigs).

I had a slight problem with this CD though.

1) The compilers did FAR too much noise reduction on the track intros.

2) Better (DAT) sources existed than what was given the compilers, though you can't fault the compilers for that since I believe the DAT source didn't surface until after this was done.

3) It wasn't a complete document of the gig.

Reasons for all three?

1) I think the original source for the compilers was off cassette;

2) The DAT, the person helping the compilers, and the compilers themselves couldn't get together in time;

3) France Inter radio - in particular DJ Bernard Lenoir - did not broadcast, at least that we are aware of, the entire gig. This gig has been broadcast several times on Paris radio, though each time a different selection of tracks featured. The 1994 broadcast is the source for *most* of the below, it was recorded on 32kHz DAT by a gentleman direct off the air.

Bernard Lenoir has said in the past that the original reels, as recorded for France Inter at the gig, are unusable and safety copies had to be used to source the latter-day broadcasts.

So allow me to present a hodgepodge - though in total, the best document of the gig ever assembled outside of France Inter offices - of this legendary gig.

Lossless FLAC of course!

Source key to follow.

18 December 1979
Les Bains Douches, Paris, France

01 Passover
02 Wilderness
03 Disorder
04 Love Will Tear Us Apart
05 Insight
06 Shadowplay
07 Transmission
08 Day Of The Lords
09 Twenty Four Hours
10 Colony
11 These Days
12 A Means To An End
13 She's Lost Control
14 Atrocity Exhibition
15 Interzone
16 Warsaw

01 from a 2001 broadcast, DAT source
02/10/13/15 from an audience recording
03-09, 11-12 from the 1994 broadcast, from DAT source
14/16 from a unknown-year 1980s broadcast

Grab the 4 RAR's here!


  1. Hello, get a message that part one is corrupt. Is this just me?

  2. Looks like your particular download corrupted. I downloaded and tested all before posting, and I just tried it again with success, so I'd suggest downloading part 1 again.

  3. Thanks for this. Great sound, great concert. Shame Bernard Lenoir talks at the begining of some songs.

  4. Awesome work again, thanks so much.

    Take this with a pinch of salt, but apparently some JD rehearsal tapes are floating around - five versions of IALP and one of Ceremony. One nice chap uploaded a snippet of Curtis singing the "hangman" line. It doesn't look like a download/CD issue will surface any time soon, but I thought you might find it interesting - if you didn't already know, that is.

    Address of the post on NOO:

  5. anonyno: Thanks for the info - I have that snippet from Joy Division Central and it's quite haunting! However it looks like the chap deleted his posts.

    I hope this does turn up eventually. The sort of thing that fans should hear.

  6. This show was broadcasted again on France Inter last week, may 18th. Hopefully someone has been able to record it ?
    The tracklist of this broadcast :

    1. Passover
    2. Wilderness*
    3. Love Will Tear us apart
    4. Insight
    5. Shadowplay
    6. Transmission
    7. 24 Hours
    8. Colony*
    9. These Days
    10. A means to an end
    11. She's lost control
    12. Atrocity Exhibition*

  7. I've tried downloading this thrice but everytime some songs cut when listening to them, for example "Transmission" which is cut after the first word sung by Curtis: "Radio...". What's wrong and how could I get the complete show without songs cut?!

  8. AnderS: It's a Mediafire issue. All I can say is try, try again.

  9. everything working just fine:)

    thank You for putting this complete & lossless! ive had the official CD of this since it came out and was always disappointed with the quality. youre lossless of this complete show just EXPLODES!!!!

    Thank You!!

  10. The tracks from France Inter sound so much better than the official CD version! Thanks a lot!
    I heard that the entire 15 track gig was broadcasted on KXLU in LA about a year ago, also in better quality than the CD:

    Any chance to get it?

  11. Oh, no, the links are down! Crazy considering you can't actually buy a copy anymore