Saturday, September 4, 2010

as promised: Joy Division 'Recycle' Sampler - lossless

I don't think this needs any introduction.

A Recycle Sampler
Selections from the Recycle project
including one track completely unused in the "official" set!

Presented in lossless FLAC

01 At A Later Date (from the 'An Ideal For Living' set)
02 No Love Lost (from the 'An Ideal For Living' set)
03 Digital (Hannett version) (from the FAC 2 set)
04 Transmission (Strawberry version) (from the FAC 13 set)
05 Atmosphere (from the 'Licht und Blindheit' set)
06 Dead Souls (pitch corrected) (from the 'Licht und Blindheit' set)
07 Ice Age (pitch corrected) (from the 'Licht und Blindheit' set)
08 Love Will Tear Us Apart (single A-side) (from the FAC 23 set)
09 These Days (pitch corrected) (unissued)
10 The Sound Of Music (from the FAC 23 set)
11 Komakino (from the FAC 28 set)
12 Colony (pitch corrected) (unissued)
13 She's Lost Control 12 inch version (pitch corrected) (unissued)
14 Twenty Four Hours (live from the High Hall, Birmingham 2 May 1980) (from the FACUS 2 set)
15 These Days (live from the Lyceum, London 29 February 1980) (from the FACUS2 set)
16 She's Lost Control full mix (pitch corrected) (unissued)
17 Atmosphere (live from the Paradiso, Amsterdam 11 January 1980) (from the FAC 213 set)

Find it here!



  1. ah, yes, thank you my son. thank you. this is lovely.

  2. Thanks for these, especially the pitch-corrected 'These Days'!

  3. Thank you for this collection and the Recycle project. I have pulled down everything you have upped for this.

    I seem to be having this show that its corrupt when I unrar the files. Is there an issue that I'm not aware of? Any info would be great!

    Thanks again for all the hard work on this.

  4. Thanks alot. Let's hope that London or Rhino or who ever has the catalogue now wakes up. Have you asked them?

  5. @David - I downloaded the same fileset from Mediafire before I posted the link, to make sure it worked. Just try and try again!

    @Appick - no, nobody has approached London/Rhino from our end. We've thought about approaching Andy Robinson (NO/JD "manager") but haven't as of yet.

  6. I hadn't realized this when generating this tracklist, but it was pointed out to me in another venue that this set essentially is the perfect "Best Of" (and also under 80 minutes long) ever compiled of this band. And I basically agree - swap out some of the redundant duplication (only need one She's Lost Control for example), add in an overlooked track or two (Shadowplay perhaps?), find another rarity to wrap things up, and put a gold star on it. Could be the perfect 30th anniversary Best Of via Warners/Rhino, and leave the catalog with that.

  7. Many thanks for hard work in putting together the blog and its contents. Takes a lot of time and is much appreciated.

  8. Truly wonderful work. Thank you.

  9. This webpage is not available.

    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  10. Most excellent comp. Its gonna live in my car for a while, no doubt.

  11. simply superb, have you any plans to do one for new order?

  12. hi there, that link is down. that aside, thanks so much for all this work. the joy division stuff has given me the chance to find some other great music hosted here.


  13. Can you repost this? Thanks!

  14. I'm new here and the pitch corrected tracks sound amazing! Never noticed that they run to fast on the official releases. Thanks a lot!

  15. Having been a diehard Joy Division fan since the release of Transmission in 1979, discovering your blog yesterday has been about as exciting as anything I can recall in the world of JD since the release of Heart and Soul in 1994.

    The work you and your compadres have done in remastering this music is little short of astounding; made all the more remarkable because you don't have access to the masters. London should bring you all into the fold immediately.

    Hearing what you have done with the sound of the live recordings is an aural revelation. It's also rather made 30 years of collecting bootlegs redundant! So cheers for that...

    Thanks for keeping the faith, for dedicating your time to this labor of love, and for making this occasional wearer of a military overcoat feel ridiculously nostalgic...

  16. Is the 5th part still working? Doesn't seem to want to download for me.

  17. ...OK, finally seems to be working

  18. can someone explain to me how the pitch was fixed? he says mabey the band didnt have tuning equipment. so if a guitarist has a few strings of pitch, how can you possible change the pitch of individual notes without affecting the whole song? and/or if an entire song is out of pitch, then how can how fix the pitch, without actually knowing if it was intended to be recorded/played at that pitch in the fist place? it kinda sounds like the pitch in these songs was altered to the specific taste of the blogger.

  19. @derek: I don't assume the band were clueless oiks who didn't know how to tune their instruments; I believe they were in concert pitch (i.e. "tuned") at recording time. What I theorize is that the entire recording - instruments, drums, vocals and all - was mastered too fast or slow. It's as simple as digitally speeding up or slowing down the track - and the corresponding pitch changes in relation to the speed. Speed it up, the pitch goes up. Slow it down, the pitch goes down. These were pitch-matched to concert pitch, not some arbitrary number I pulled out of thin air. So in this case you can tune your guitar with an electronic tuner (known good pitch), and then play along with these pitch-corrected tracks without clashing notes.

    If you don't like them, you don't have to download them. If you want to correct them back to the recorded versions, it's as simple as loading them up in your favorite audio editor and doing it there.

  20. You're not without knowing that at the beginning of the month a set of 7" singles was released... What's the verdict? Have you heard them? How do they compare to your remasters? I didn't buy them - too expensive, turntable on the blink and too many things to do before I could have considered buying all this - agaaaainnnnn ..... (especially as it's not your remasters that were used)

    Happy Holidays!

  21. @Analog Loyalist, ok i see, so you matched them to concert recordings. so you had a basis to work from. but to be honest, ive heard some concert bootlegs, and the pitch on some actually sounds slow. some of your re-pitched versions do feel like the drawl out. and in a comment you made, you stated that Heart And Soul & Substance were poorly done; yet when i compare them to your recycled stuff, they sound alot crisper. mabey too much filtering?

  22. They weren't pitched to concert performances they were pitched to standard concert tuning A440Hz. Meaning in tune with a tuning fork or electronic tuner. We all know how sometimes live gigs can be wildly off pitch due to tape speed fluctuations so live tapes were not used as a pitch reference, generally. As to the EQ choices, well, Heart and Soul unnaturally boosted the midrange at roughly 1200Hz - 2500Hz and to me that boost is not accurate to the original masters (listen to original UK Factory releases to hear for yourself.

    All of these mastering moves are judgement calls, yes. I feel Recycle, while still staying close to the original intent of the masters, only improves on them. To my critical ears Heart and Soul did not.

  23. ok thanks for explaining. as far as the eq in H&S, i noticed that. hey, is there any chance you know or have a good copy of The Drone? i found it on this blog. but cant find a clean version. did they only do this song once or something? weird, cuz its a great song.

  24. Derek, "The Drone" is just a slowed down version of 'I Remember Nothing' from the second night of the Manchester Apollo gigs.

  25. thaks, im discovering lesser known stuff and didnt know that. doesnt have the same impact or feel of the non live version from Heart And Soul. ill check out the version you mentioned...

  26. I'm almost at a loss for words. You have breathed new life into these tracks and they sound fresher and newer to my ears than ever before. This is probably the best remastering I have ever heard for any artist or group. That includes the MFSL stuff too. You should be very proud of the dedicated hard work you've done. A lot of fans from all over the world are very happy because of you.

    Cheers from Canada

  27. Thank you so much for posting this work. I am unable to download Part 4. Can you help with this?

    - Scott

  28. Any chance for a reupload of the sampler? Please?? Really want to get the repitched tracks and the vinyl only Still track, which I requested on another page in 2009, but never found this page while link was active. :(

    1. Sorry, standing cease and desist order from the band that I've honored since receipt. I have no hosting anyway. I can't control if other readers choose to assist ;)