Sunday, September 26, 2010

Episode 93: A New Hope

This weekend marks an important milestone for the blog, necessitating a critical rethink of my objectives, future postings and considerations of "what should I post?".

You see... this weekend I learned that my next (or very shortly thereafter) post will be done with the full consent and cooperation of the band I'll be blogging. Not to give any spoilers, but the record I will be blogging has never seen any sort of widescale (or even mediumscale) release, and I'd never heard it - despite seeking it for 20 years - until this weekend when I finally landed my mitts on a copy. This band in question has experienced the trials and tribulations of being on a major label, as well as doing quite well as an independent-label band. They've, suffice it to say, been around the block.

One thing led to another, and what it comes down to is that the band in question will be writing liner notes for the post. What I've asked for is a detailed track-by-track breakdown of the recording sessions, their thoughts on the song(s), etc., but whatever they choose to give me, I'll be grateful for and post. Furthermore, the band has gracefully given their consent for the blog to host this record in lossless format (FLAC). I'm pretty excited!

What this means, though, is that a *lot* of the records I've posted, either as whole albums, or in the various compilations I've posted, were made by friends of the band in question. While the vast majority are out of print, a few aren't, and the ethical blogger in me tells me to remove the links for those records in print. And the ethical blogger in me also is voicing, quite loudly, concerns that I should take a *very* sharp look at what I will be posting in the future. Is the blog entering a new period of semi-legitimacy? Should I wish for this burden?

Now I've already blogged this band before, and they are aware of it. Fortunately the record(s) I've blogged are out of print!

Please share your thoughts about this whole "what this means going forward" bit. Very curious to hear the reactions!


  1. Sounds intriguing!
    Yes, remove what is commercially available. That is only fair.

  2. First let me state that I fully believe that artists should be compensated for their work. I also think that blogs like yours are a valuable resource for musically like minded people to spread the word about bands who are lesser known and might appeal to others. For instance, your Bedhead post led me to buy that album and a few of their other ones. I had never heard of them until I saw the post and now I'm a fan. Having the files to go along with the description of the music and why you chose to post makes it much easier to appreciate the work. But yes, it is a slippery slope and I have no answers to the ethical question. I'm sure there are just as many people who download and enjoy an album but never make the effort to buy their own copy.

  3. First, I'm very excited to see this next post. I'm sure it will be awesome.
    Regarding your predicament, I totally sympathize. I'm actually wrestling with the same questions. If you can figure out a way to continue with your mission on this site and stay legal, I'd love to see it. You might try some sort of streaming solution for works that are still commercially available.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. At the end of the day, the decision of what to post and the rationale behind it remains yours. You have to be comfortable with those as if you aren't, your enthusiasm for posting diminishes over time. And we couldn't have that.

  5. I don't think many would have no problems at all with you removing stuff that is commercially available, as I'm far more interested in the other stuff anyway. Love your Blog, and look forward to seeing who this mystery band is!

  6. Tricky one. I always wrestle with it and try to go for older stuff that is out of print or lesser known.

    Be good if it were New FADs but mp3s as well as FLAC would be great.

  7. It's your blog - take it wherever you want and steer clear of the commercially available stuff. Your Joy Division - New Order work is masterful. Any thoughts on James or Inspiral Carpets?

  8. and by "no", I clearly mean "any" ;-)

    cheers mate!

  9. No commercially available material. After that - it's your site. Take it where you want. Your work on the Joy Division / New Order material was great. Keep that going if you have any additional surprises for us. Any thoughts on James or Inspiral Carpets - some other Manchester bands?