Sunday, May 29, 2011

help a blogger out: musings, etc.

Been in a big shoegaze mood lately.  My Bloody Valentine's Loveless LP, the Glider and Tremolo EPs, and random other UK 'gaze acts have seen heavy iPhone play as of late.

One thing led to another, as it always does, and I ended up on the interweb search hunt for additions to my collection, following suggestions I've collected here and there for similar-veined bands and records.

Lilys, an American band, released in 1992 their debut LP In The Presence of Nothing, what some reckon could have been the followup to Loveless had Kevin Shields not lost the muse in 1992/1993.  It's a good record, not great, but does it deserve the exorbitant pricing for copies on the used market?  I don't know.  I also don't know why I had never heard this band before, as I'd have been all over this when it was current.  Thankfully lossless FLACs are available in the dark places on the internets, so I'm OK there.

Their followup EP, 1994's A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns, is fantastic.  Also long out-of-print; had I heard this in '94 I'd probably have given it a pass, but as my tastes and sensibilities have matured from my college days I completely "get" the record (a slice of brisk guitar indie with a powerpop/Big Star twist) now.  I'm also set for this as FLAC, so no assistance needed there.

Reading up on Lilys sent me down the Velocity Girl path as well.  Some of VG backed up main Lily Kurt on Lilys' '92 album, and VG was also a band I'd always meant to discover but never actually got around to it. 

Conceptually I should love VG: beautiful female vocals courtesy Sarah Shannon (doesn't hurt that she's quite the looker too!), noisy indie guitars, recorded by Bob Weston, etc. I also think the Sarah-sung "Shame" on Seam's debut LP Headsparks is the highlight of that record, so that was there too. 

So I tracked down some of the VG material available in the usual places, and it's kind of a mixed bag.  Their 6-song self-titled compilation (on great indie label Slumberland) of early 7" and associated material is amazing; however their debut full-length LP Copacetic suffers from the "too much filler" syndrome.  There are some transcendent moments on Copacetic: "Pretty Sister" is an amazing lead track that unfairly sets up huge expectations for the rest of the record, and "A Chang" is shoegaze through-and-through and well-executed.  Sadly none of the remaining tracks, as of now (granted I've only listened through a couple times), have left enough of a mark on me to get all bothered about, though it's early enough in the listening game that I'm willing to reserve judgement for now.

Their 1994 followup ¡Simpatico! - we'll not go there.  I understand the reasoning behind choosing Smiths producer John Porter to produce the record, but they're clearly shooting for the brass ring when their songwriting and style isn't there.  Bland indiepop watered down for the masses.

That said, also in '94 they released a 7" with the A-side being one of the best New Order covers I've ever heard, their take on New Order's "Your Silent Face".  GREAT version, though the "so why don't you piss off" phrase coming from Sarah's mouth just doesn't sound right, in that voice... (Grab a very clean transfer here, MP3)

So why this post?

I was initially going to blog my sudden fandom of Lilys/Velocity Girl when I realized 1) I'm not familiar enough with any of it yet to give it the justice it deserves, and 2) it gives me the chance to ask for help in general.

I love the VG self-titled compilation on Slumberland so much, I want it FLAC.  Can't find it anywhere on the internets.  Do I have a reader with this CD kind enough to FLAC it up and share?

Additionally, I do have a want-list of sorts of records, in general, that I seek out as FLAC but can't find.  Perhaps my readership can help?

Drop me a line at analogloyalist AT gmail DOT com if you have any of the below as FLAC.  Your help will be greatly appreciated!


no particular order

VELOCITY GIRL - self titled 6-song compilation on Slumberland
LILYS - Tone Bender EP (4-song Australian CD)
LILYS - Eccsame The Photon Band
BLEACH - Hard EP / Fast EP (both of 'em!)
INSPIRAL CARPETS - Cool As **** EP (US version on Rough Trade)
ARCWELDER - Jacket Made In Canada / This
CONSONANT - Consonant (self-titled debut LP)
DIDJITS - Hey Judester/Fizzjob
MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Glider and Tremolo EPs, and Loveless CD, UK Creation pressings
GUIDED BY VOICES - Static Airplane Jive

thanks for the assist!

edit: added VG's "Your Silent Face" blurb...


  1. I just realized I didn't link to any of the songs mentioned in this post. Oh well. Lilys' "Ginger" from A Brief History... is on YouTube, search and enjoy! Brilliant track.

    Velocity Girl's "A Chang" and "Pretty Sister" from the Copacetic LP are YouTubed as well - coincidentally by the same user (airbag97) as the Lilys track above.


  2. I've got a couple of those, the VG EP (along with some other early singles...I should really put those up on my blog) and the Inspiral Carpets EP, if I can track down my vinyl.

    What do you use for ripping CDs to FLAC?

  3. did something got offered?

    I got the MBV/Lily's and VG items, plus pristine recordings of MBV at Slim's for the Loveless tour. oh, and the Bleach items.

    -fernando (SF)

  4. Give me a few hours and I'll hook you up with that Velocity Girl EP in FLAC.

  5. I now have two flac sets of the VG EP so thank you!

    @joshd: I use EAC.

  6. Velocity Girl EP is still in print and available from Slumberland for 6 bucks:

    Also, having talked to Kurt Heasley of Lilys, those records are currently in the process of being reissued--so don't pay exorbitant prices for it; most of the ones asking that are the folks from the label selling off overstock inventory. They should be out in the fall of this year, possibly winter.

    Another fun fact: until The Shins and Postal Service, Velocity Girl was Sub Pop's best-selling band, behind Nirvana's Bleach

  7. Update:

    I've been kindly gifted the VG compilation (didn't know it was still available via Slumberland - my bad!), Eccsame, the GBV EP and the Inspirals.

    Left on my want list are the Bleach EPs, Arcwelder, Consonant, Didjits and the MBV Creation UK discs.

    Post updated as well.

    Thanks everyone for all their help so far!

  8. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (Remastered 2CD) (2007) Import:

    Its a wonderful blog and its a shame there is no way to respond just by name, as its possible on other blogs.
    I would respond much more if its corected.

    I decided to make the effort just this time as a thank you.

  9. @eyal:

    Not sure what you mean, I have the email address in the post itself (analogloyalist AT gmail DOT com) so you may reach me there...

    The supposed "remasters" of the MBV material online are fakes. The actual remasters *still* haven't been released because Kevin keeps tweaking them.

  10. Funny, I was listening to and playing along with "Your Silent Face" (New Order version) last night, as I'd re-watched Bronson recently and that song was used on the soundtrack.

    I'm not a terribly big fan of NO, but I love this song.

    The Velocity Girl version works for me, musically, but I don't dig the singer's voice, especially for this song.

  11. I might be able to do you the arcwelder disc there, assuming i can get my pc to rip it - i've been having trouble with it but need to sort it this week - i'll let you know.......

  12. VG had two vocalists. Bridget Cross of Unrest was on the first EPs (at least some of them), and was replaced by Sarah Shannon.

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  14. Hi! I think I can help
    For Bleach, go here
    For Valentine 2CDs remastered
    For My Bloody Valentine - Things Left Behind early Comps.


  15. Vinyl Exchange have Tremolo EP CD in for not too much

  16. Ha. I have a first pressing of that VG 6-song comp, but it refuses to cooperate when I try to import it into my digital library. It plays just fine, but won't burn. Assuming it was long OOP, I was frustrated, but I'm relieved to know it's still available. I guess I'm getting another copy.

  17. Have you tried Further, Black Tambourine or Swirlies?

    Also, the two tracks on the Lily's 7" February 14th are well worth a listen