Monday, June 20, 2011


Is it a perverse honor to celebrate the milestone of a blog's first DMCA takedown notice?

Party over at TPoIT HQ!  Who's bringing the beer?

-- back to our regularly scheduled programming.  The "offending" post has been edited to remove the links to the tracks.  It kind of surprised me which band/post it was, though in retrospect it shouldn't as there is/was major label muscle involved at one point in that band's career, and the material posted did originally surface on a major label.


  1. I wonder which band it was. Pray tell...

  2. I get surprised at what stuff gets taken off youtube, it's often not the majors but smaller artists with time on their hands.

    Mind you, their automatic recognition produces weird results too. 90s/00s British band X is owned by Sony so can't be heard in Afghanistan or Albania or anywhere at all, 60s Spanish band Y is owned by Sony so can't be heard in Germany but everywhere else is fine!

  3. Well the blog didn't have much involvement with this artist, it's what one might call a dalliance…