Thursday, September 6, 2012

status update regarding file hosting - read me!

For the short term I've created a new Mediafire account and will be slowly migrating content over to there.  Not sure if I'll go back in the archives of TPoIT because a lot of the original files I no longer have due to an older drive crash, though.

What's going to certainly be migrating is the recent New Order postings, starting with the stash sets here.  I'll post new links in the comments as I go along.

This is only a short-term solution, however.  A few readers have suggested a collection box to arrange for more suitable hosting as we proceed, and this is a good idea.  I'm also contemplating moving to a newer model whereby the public links are M4A (AAC) files, and readers who would want lossless can simply request it.  This would cut down on server costs, and I am slowly coming around to the convenience idea of the basics being easily accessible and usable off-the-bat by my readers.  The purist in me really is kicking and screaming that I am even considering doing this archival material in any form of lossy format, but the debate is raging healthily inside.

So... followers can help by PayPal, any amount, to dcrumbaugh at gmail dot com (I don't have the analogloyalist account set up properly for PayPal), and this will go to future hosting costs as I transition down the road from Mediafire to something a bit more reliable.

Thanks for your continued patience, and let's carry on!


  1. May I recommend Zippyshare? Apparently it is not considered to be a 'rogue' file host by 'the so-called man' (though I can't verify this for sure). it's also dead quick and, like Mediafire, does not restrict against multiple downloads by a free user.

  2. gamefront seems to be fast but not sure about uploading there