Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Status update...

First of all I'd like to thank all those whom have contributed to future hosting.  The generosity of others is wonderful and while I will stay with Mediafire for the short term (under the new account set up in the wake of the old account's deletion), permanent hosting is in the plan.  Many have stated that the biggest cost will be for data/throughput, not server space itself; this means that it's critical I come up with a plan regarding lossless FLAC availability to all who want it.  Not sure yet what that will entail (link by invite only? Trackerless torrent using DHT?  Self-hosting at terrible transfer speeds (and the certain notice/hit it will be with my ISP)?  Things to think about.  Regardless, posting will continue.

Second, while activity may have slowed on the New Order Archives posting front, I still have a large pile to plow through.  I've taken a slight break from New Order simply because it was approaching burnout again; I'll bury myself into a project so much, at such a frenzied burst of activity, that I have to step back lest I not want to hear a single note again.  It was getting to that stage.  Rest assured that in short order new posts will be forthcoming, just as splendid as the last ones.  I do have some good ones in the works too for TPoIT only (non-New Order), I just have to get finished with them.

Creative solutions invited to the data throughput conundrum.


  1. I've been using Netkups for a few months now without any major issues. They will store the file with a reasonably quick dl speed for free users, and they will also torrent it on an open tracker.

  2. Thanks for all your efforts - please take it easy so you do not get a burn-out.
    FLAC is perferred and nowadays there is no file size issue anymore I am not touching MP3 crap.

  3. Thanks for all your efforts sharing the material with us. Take it easy so you don*t get burned out.
    FLAC would be my preffered filemformat as nowadays we don*t have a file-size issue anymore. I am not touching MP3 crap no matter how rare it is.