Thursday, March 28, 2013

R.E.M. 2 July 1982 Marietta GA (2013 analogloyalist master)

ATTENTION:  Previous downloaders, there was a problem with the FLACs themselves in the original fileset which I have subsequently corrected and re-uploaded.  PLEASE re-download the set; the new URL is down there.


Tap tap, this thing on?

I haven't disappeared.  Good thing too, that is.

You know, while I'm still quite bummed about the cease and desist directive issued by a certain bearded bassist, I realized that there is other music I like, and even better, of another favorite band of the blog, one of the musicians involved is a big fan of the proceedings and thinks I got shafted.

So with that I bring you my favorite, probably, pre-Murmur R.E.M. set - the guys live in Marietta, Georgia in July 1982 shortly before recording Murmur.  This is an interesting transitional period for the band, as the songwriting is clearly shifting from the 60s-influenced "That Beat" stylings to the ethereal, un-categorizeable Murmurian structurings.  We have "That Beat", probably the best evidence (both in terms of songwriting and catchiness) of their garage band roots, and then we have "Perfect Circle" in its likely debut performance - on a drum machine as Bill Berry's working the keyboards!  Other new songs "We Walk", "Pilgrimage" - a song Michael Stipe is still clearly working out the lyrics for, and "West Of The Fields" point strongly to the future.

This is a cool little gig too, in that for an audience recording it really puts you, dear listener, direct into the room right in front of the stage.  It's lively, it's got a lot of space, it doesn't sound cavernous or muddy.  It's just a really great recording that excels after the mastering treatment I gave it over the past few days.  I realize I did some work on this in 2008 and put it on dimeadozen, but that effort was crap (in retrospect) - a simple A/B if you have the 2008 variant will make it clear as day.  Many tracks can easily fool even an astute listener into thinking it's a soundboard recording, but it's not.

So anyway, onward.  Life after Mediafire begins... now.

2 July 1982
Strand Cabaret, Marietta, GA
2013 analogloyalist master

01 intro
02 West Of The Fields
03 Shaking Through
04 Pilgrimage
05 Romance
06 We Walk
07 Wolves, Lower
08 That Beat
09 Pretty Persuasion
10 Sitting Still
11 1,000,000
12 Gardening At Night
13 9-9
14 There She Goes Again
15 Catapult
16 Radio Free Europe
17 Perfect Circle
18 Laughing
19 Moral Kiosk
20 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Netkups to the rescue - get the FLAC set here!

Oh... and that fan of the blog I mentioned?  None other than P. L. Buck, Esq.

ATTENTION:  Previous downloaders, there was a problem with the FLACs themselves in the original fileset which I have subsequently corrected and re-uploaded.  PLEASE re-download the set; the new URL for the file set is here (and up there too).


  1. First!

    Okay, just kidding about that.

    Glad to see that you're back in action,, Analog Loyalist.

    If Netkups lets you down (it can act weird for some people), there's ADrive too, though that expires links after a couple of weeks for free users.

    Do you have a lineage on the audience recording or know its provenance?

    1. THO, no lineage except it's originally from a silver CD bootleg called "Do The Strand". It was out-of-phase and sounded relatively crap in its CD incarnation.

  2. Go on, my son. Do your thing. This is great. Glad to have you back. And thank you very much for this.

  3. Woo-hoo! I hope you are back to stay!

  4. thx for the drop! and thx for netkups! keep it flowing!

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  6. Good to have you back and thanks. Looking forward to giving this a listen

  7. Glad to see you back, and thanks for the R.E.M.

    "Pilgrimage" drops out at 3:11 and stays out for the remainder of the song. Or is that just me?

  8. Welcome back, and thanks for the R.E.M.

    Downloaded FLACs and burned using Toast. I'm five songs in, and I have two dropouts: "Pilgrimage" goes silent at 3:07, and "Romance" at 2:32. That can't only be me, can it?

    1. My WAVs are perfect on my end...?

    2. I had the issue as well, AL...can you generate MD5s or some checksum of the FLAC-encoded files at your end so we can compare?

  9. Will DL it again -- about half the files have dropouts, not only on disc, but also in Toast playback.

  10. This happens to me as well. Several songs just stop halfway through. I've tried VLC and PowerAmp and both just skip to the next song halfway through the previous one

  11. OK I've plugged the FLACs into VLC and I see what you mean. My prob was that I was listening to the straight WAVs and mp3s exported from Audition, and there is no glitching there. Must have been the FLAC conversion itself. Ugh. Someone gin up a list of songs that this is an issue for and I'll re-encode and re-up somewhere.

  12. Here's a full re-encode, done locally. I think the problem was I was using the FLAC Frontend on my Win7 box to encode, and the WAVs were on my Mac over the network. I did another batch encode the same way I did it the first time, and saw that the encoder was dropping segments in real time. So I moved the WAV files to the Win7 box and did the encoding locally. No dropouts this time.

    I'll edit the main post as well.

    Apologies for the fuckups!

  13. Excellent as usual, and thsnks for the re-up.

  14. thank you AL and thank you REM.

  15. Thanks for this and great to see you're posting stuff again!

  16. It's awfully good to have you back, sir. Keep it up!

  17. Sounds like it was a good quality show, but the amount of noise reduction added is hard to listen to. Is the original like this?

    1. Yes. I'm not sure what you are referring to - the original silver CD had zero noise to begin with.

  18. Okay, late to the party. I just found this via the New Order download. I can't find the REM download on netkup, all I get is a menu of various ways to download or shar2 files. What am I missing?

    1. No clue. Unfortunately I’m not reupping old things, maybe another reader can assist?