Saturday, March 30, 2013

That R.E.M. Strand 1982 FLAC set....

I am making a new post so this bubbles up in newsfeeds again.

There was a problem with the FLAC encoding in the original R.E.M. Strand Cabaret '82 fileset.  Songs were weirdly skipping mid-song direct to the next song, and it was completely reproducible on my end with the original files.

I re-encoded to FLAC without errors this time, and re-uploaded the files.

The corrected fileset is now the one accessible in the links in the original post.  So, please go to the original post and re-download the set; it's well worth the trouble.

Apologies, again.


  1. thanks so much for this. really love early REM most...they were really special when they were just starting out....

  2. they were really great live! great mastering..........listening of very revealing system and mastering and overall quality sounds better than most record label concert commercial offerings. thx again.

  3. late to the party here... any chance you can move the fileset over to hotfile? you're right, netkups is acting pretty sketchy. thanks for sharing!